Joan M. Bathon, MD, Division Director
The mission of the Division of Rheumatology, first and foremost, is to enhance the quality of life for the thousands of patients who come to Columbia University Medical Center seeking our care. As part of a leading academic institution, the Division of Rheumatology at Columbia has a clear directive to capitalize on its capabilities in basic, translational, and clinical research to optimize patient care.

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New - Director of Adolescent Rheumatology

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About Our Approach

The Rheumatology Faculty Practice at Columbia University Medical Center/New York‐Presbyterian Hospital is an integrated patient‐care and research practice specializing in the rheumatic diseases. Under the direction of Dr. Joan Bathon, one of the nation’s leading rheumatologists, the Rheumatology Faculty Practice embraces a philosophy of multidisciplinary and collaborative care. Autoimmune conditions affect numerous organ systems in a patient’s body making partnerships with other medical specialties paramount to effective treatment and research into future therapies.     Read More

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    Dr. Robert J. Winchester
    Awarded the prestigious 2013 Crafoord Prize in Polyarthritis from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
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